60 Days to a Deal Webinar

Have you been struggling to start your investing journey?

Matt & Ben breakdown in this training how to build a 60 day action plan to get started in real estate.

Real Estate Investing Power Hour

The #1 most common question at Cash Flow Tribe right now is,

Can I still do deals right now in Canada regardless of Covid and social distancing???

The answer is maybe.. and it depends on several things…

2-Day Digital Workshop

We believe your network is your net worth.

The people who are actually doing deals are spending time with experienced investors who are actively doing deals – it’s that simple.

Get into a small room with active investors to gain confidence and the insight you need to take massive action. This is the most sure fire way to get results right now.

If you’re looking to make offers even week but are struggling to grow your portfolio, you need to attend this event.

Mastermind Experience

There is no nobility in the struggle. There is no badge of honour because you work late or don’t see your family during the holidays. This is a myth. Running yourself into the ground is not scalable and will only lead to bad health and missed life events. 😞

Our mission as business owners is to create revenue, employ great people and become true leaders. That’s what we signed up for. If we’re not doing that, we’re not real business owners.

If you’re tired of running the rat race at your job or small business, it might be YOUR time to level up and get into a different circle of friends.