Short Term Rentals – 2 Day Course


CashFlow Tribe’s 2-day Flipping For Profits Strategy course is offered multiple times yearly. This 2-day intensive workshop gives you the insights you need to know to ensure that you can maximize your profits as a flipping property investor.



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This 2-day course is all about short-term rentals as a real estate investor. Over the last few years, short-term rentals have increased as people look for alternative places to stay instead of hotels and motels. From an investor standpoint, short-term rentals can generate more cash flow than traditional rentals. There are even strategies that allow investors to enter the short-term rental market without owning the properties themselves.

After this 2-day training, you will know:

  • The benefits of investing in short-term rentals
  • How to effectively manage your short-term rental
  • The rules and regulations around short-term rentals
    in your market
  • Getting into the short-term rental business without
    owning a property
  • Maximize your cash flow by increasing occupancy
  • Working with a longer-term rental client

Attendees will come armed with the insights needed to become well-versed short-term rental real estate investors.