Lease Options – 2 Day Course


CashFlow Tribe’s 2-day Flipping For Profits Strategy course is offered multiple times yearly. This 2-day intensive workshop gives you the insights you need to know to ensure that you can maximize your profits as a flipping property investor.



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This 2-day course is all about lease options as a real estate investor. The Lease Option strategy is sometimes called “rent-to-own” and can provide win-win-win scenarios for investors, sellers, and future home buyers. There are countless forms and uses of options in real estate. As an investor, options are used to accomplish the following:

  • Put you in control of the property
  • Buy you time to get your affairs in order
  • Reduce your overall cost of the transaction
  • Reduce your risks

After this 2-day training, you will know:

  • The types of options
  • Marketing strategies to find tenant buyers
  • Finding investors and joint venture partners
  • Managing your tenant-buyer and the lease option process
  • Working with a mortgage broker to get your tenant-buyer qualified

Attendees will come armed with the insights needed to become well-versed lease options real estate investors.