Flipping For Profits – 2 Day Course


CashFlow Tribe’s 2-day Flipping For Profits Strategy course is offered multiple times yearly. This 2-day intensive workshop gives you the insights you need to know to ensure that you can maximize your profits as a flipping property investor.



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This 2-day course is all about the strategy of flipping real estate. Real estate is consistently an excellent investment vehicle for building wealth. Adding flipping or rehabbing as an investment strategy allows you to generate cash infusions into your business and, if done correctly, can replace your 9 to 5 income. There are several benefits to flipping properties, such as:

  • Create forced appreciation thru renovations
  • Fix a problem and generate a profit
  • Create change in the neighbourhood
  • Purchase properties at a discount due to the condition of the property

After this 2-day training, you will know:

  • How to make money in the buy
  • Strategies to find “ugly” properties that can produce profits
  • Maximizing profits and minimizing the time it takes to flip the property
  • Building the right team for your projects
  • How to determine the best market to do your flips in

Attendees will come armed with the insights needed to become well-versed as a flipping expert who generates profits correctly.