Discover Your Why

Start with the end destination in mind and with your why pushing you forward, you will be better positioned to develop a clear roadmap and hit significant milestones along the way.

Discovering Your Why is Important

Whether in real estate or other forms of investing, it’s essential to discover your why first before jumping and getting to work. Depending on your why and end goal, the level of work, the strategies needed will differ. You are jumping in without knowing your why can and often does lead to lots of wasted time and effort. Remember, we only have so much time available, too, and once it’s gone, you can never get it back. So when it comes to something like real estate investing, take some time and ask yourself, why do you want to become an investor? What does real estate investing mean to you? We’ll explore this further in-depth in the course and have some exercises for you to complete. First, to help you determine your why and goal and then precisely the roadmap necessary to accomplish it.

Avoid this Mistake When Starting as a Real Estate Investor

Starting in real estate investing is fun, but sometimes mistakes are made. Unfortunately, there is one mistake we repeatedly hear from new real estate investors when it comes to starting. They choose the market or strategy first.

Far too often, we see too many investors choose a market strategy or worse, both without first determining their why and goal for starting something. Instead, your why and goal should determine the strategy and market you focus on as a real estate investor. Of course, all of these things may evolve and change over time, but your why and goals should always come first compared to the strategy or market regarding your real estate investing.

Clarity is Needed

Many people are starting to invest in real estate or other areas to help generate additional incomes and struggle initially with taking action. It’s often due to a lack of clarity with their purpose. If you are not clear on your why you’ll struggle to put in the consistent work necessary to hit your goal in milestone. So first, seek to understand your why, then develop a goal that achieves it. Then divide that goal into milestones. When you approach investing in yourself, your business, or any endeavor in this manner, it becomes easy to build a roadmap that you believe in.

Let’s start with defining what your why truly is. Your why is essentially your purpose, the primary cause that you believe in. What do you do? How do you do it? Ultimately, why is it essential for you? Why is the most important message then organization or individual can communicate as this is what inspires and drives others to take action. Why is the reason you exist and behave as you do? Why is your purpose? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why should anyone care? Every company knows what they do and how they do it, but many often struggle with sharing why they do it. Everyone can easily describe their products or services, but it’s the why that makes all the difference in the world.

CashFlow Tribe exists to help people achieve the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment that we know is possible for everyone. Through training, community, and powerful resources, we are helping those who want to develop the right mindset and confidence to succeed, investing in themselves to achieve the results and impact they know are possible. Our why is about creating an impact.

Let’s Discover Your Why

Many people struggled their entire lives trying to discover their why. There are several approaches to helping you determine your why. Perhaps one of the most straightforward is from Dean Graziosi. So Dean Graziosi has a seven levels deep exercise that many people find helpful to discover their underlying purpose and motivation and why. At its surface, this exercise seems simple. But it’s imperative you can focus when undertaking it. This short exercise has the power to shift your mindset and actions.

How to do it?

Start with what you think you want to accomplish or achieve. Then ask yourself seven times, “Why is it important that I do this?” The concept of seven levels deep is to ask another question based on the previous question’s answer. With each level of why you get deeper into the real meaning and purpose of your intentions. By the seventh level, most people will find their true why?

Ask yourself the following question: Why is it important to you to [insert whatever you want to do]?

With whatever your answer is, continue to ask that same question 7 more times. At each question, record your answer to help you work through the exercise. By the 7th answer, you will truly understand and know your why.

Common Theme

Many people want to quit their job. Some want to do it purely for monetary reasons. Others want to quit because they lack the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment they desire. Many people want to quit their job to get more time back to spend with their families. It all comes back to wanting to control their financial future, gain flexibility, and have a sense of fulfillment. At least, that’s the experiences we continue to hear from the CashFlow Tribe community members, those who go through our REI Accelerator Program, or those part of our mentorship program, The Council. Regardless of the goal, you can achieve exactly what you want, as long as you commit to taking action and putting in the work.

Next Steps

You must discover your why – the primary motivation that’s driving you towards your goals. If you don’t have a why yet, getting started investing in real estate or any other endeavour won’t be as successful.

When you complete discover your why, we would love you to share them with us. On CashFlow Tribe and in our Facebook group, we would love to share your why and goals. Why do we want you to share it?

Well, in our experience, sharing your goals and why with others helps keep you accountable. When you are accountable, you are statistically more likely to achieve your goals and the results you want. Honestly, it’s all about results for us here at CashFlow Tribe. By achieving results, you can have an impact on your future and community. Plus, those brave enough to post a video sharing your why will also see an influx of like-minded people who want to connect with you and support you as part of your journey. Who knows, maybe even some future joint venture partners will swoop in to help you get started. We hope you enjoyed this course and are one step further ahead in your journey of achieving freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

Chris Hanna
CEO, CashFlow Tribe

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