Leadership Principles

At CashFlow Tribe, our most valued asset is our power team of trusted allies that we work alongside every day. We have a unique culture internally requiring excellent leadership for our people. While we live and breathe our core four values – Community, Impact, Results, and Transparency – it’s vital that each leader within CashFlow also operates following our leadership principles too.

Leadership Principles #1 – People Make the Difference

Without the team, we cannot succeed. It’s the collective “We” that matters most versus “Me” or “I” always. Prioritize your people in making the Employee Experience the priority. When we take care of our team, providing them with the right coaching, leadership, and support, they will take care of our community and customers, allowing growth, profits, and most importantly, shared success to follow.

Leadership Principles #2 – Model the Way

Leaders lead from the front. We must model the way and lead by example. What we do or don’t do is watched. What we say or don’t say matters. We must bring our best selves every day to ensure we can foster the type of environment capable of unlocking the potential of those we lead. There will be times where we need to roll up our sleeves and be in the trenches with our team, helping, guiding, or working alongside them. It’s our role as leaders to show our expectations through our actions.

Leadership Principles #3 – Inspire a Shared Vision

Without direction, the team will misfire. As leaders, we need to inspire a shared vision of where we are going, how we’re going to get there, and most importantly, why it matters. The mission matters, and we must be intentional with our actions. Inspiring the team means that we clearly articulate why and how everyone will benefit from achieving our goals.

Leadership Principles #4 – Challenge the Status Quo

Everyone knows that doing the same things over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. However, just because we have always done something one way doesn’t mean we should always continue to do that. Change and ongoing continuous improvement keep us both as individuals and as a business fresh and on the path to becoming better. We should aim to be better today than we were yesterday. It’s progress over perfection that makes the biggest difference in the long term.

Leadership Principles #5 – Embrace Change

Change is constant. Whether we recognize it or not, change is all around us. In our environment and culture, we need to embrace change and be flexible. We move incredibly fast, and that’s going to require you and your team to be adaptable. Can change be hard? Yes. There will be tough decisions or pivots, but it’s important to trust that change isn’t introduced to drive the chaos. Instead, changes are made to keep us collectively moving forward in the pursuit of our mission.

Leadership Principles #6 – Empower Others to Act

Leaders, we need to trust and allow our people to grow. The only way we can do that effectively is by empowering them to act. Effective leaders need to leverage the collective strengths of their team, delegating where appropriate. We will not neglect the unique strengths and talents of our team. Everyone possesses gifts, and a failure to utilize the abilities of others, only makes our lives more challenging. As leaders, one of your primary responsibilities is to remove obstacles and roadblocks from your team’s path. Help make their lives easier.

Leadership Principles #7 – 1 on 1’s Are Essential

As our people make the difference, it’s more important than ever to ensure they get the right support, coaching, and leadership. Critical to their success is ensuring each person has regular 1:1s with their leader. This is the employee’s time, not the leader’s. Employees are expected to drive 80% of the agenda with 1:1s, bringing forward topics they want to discuss. If they have challenges or areas they want help from their leader, 1:1s are a great place to address them. Ultimately, 1:1’s are their time. Leaders listen more than talk and treat these 1:1s as sacred. What happens in these 1:1s should stay there, too, as trust is paramount to developing long-lasting and powerful relationships.

Leadership Principles #8 – Make Data-Driven Decisions

The days of ready, fire, aim have a time and place. More important to ensuring less stress and chaos is making the right decisions, driven by data. Across all departments, leaders will need to lean on and consult metrics and KPIs. In sports, the only way to know whether one is winning is to check the scoreboard. The same applies here. We must continually check in with our data and metrics to tell us how far or close we are to achieving our goals. Then, with objective facts (data), we can make the right decisions.

Leadership Principles #9 – Creativity & Innovation Are Necessities

To move forward with the speed and scale we need, we expect all leaders to bring creativity and innovative thinking. Innovation drives invention. As leaders in this business, everyone is accountable for improving our products, services, and culture. So if there are new ideas, share them. Let’s pull out our team’s ideas and, more importantly, give credit to those that materialize into something impactful. The more creative we can be, the more value we’ll provide, too, as we stay fresh and current. Creativity and innovation need to be everywhere to ensure we don’t go stale and repetitive.

Leadership Principles #10 – Always Keep Learning

The best investment we can make is in our growth and development. Both from a personal and professional perspective, it’s important that everyone keeps learning. As we all have different preferences and learning styles, how one invests can vary, but one must do so every day. Whether it’s books, articles, videos, podcasts, conferences, workshops, masterminds, mentors, coaching, and more, there are many ways one can be expected to keep learning. Each leader is expected to dedicate a minimum of 1-day each month to learning and getting better.

Leadership Principles #11 – Work Hard; Have Fun!

We spend a good bulk of our day working, so we might as well enjoy it. To achieve the results and impact we need, we expect leaders to work hard. Fun is important, too, though. It can’t always be so serious. Burnout is real, so working with their teams and cross-functionally, all leaders are expected to help lighten the mood. Sometimes we may need to poke fun at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously. Where we can gamify the Employee Experience, everyone will also benefit. Let’s ensure everyone enjoys the work that they do and doesn’t dread Mondays!

Chris Hanna
CEO, CashFlow Tribe

PS. To join CashFlow Tribe, you can apply for our roles on LinkedIn or by sending an email to careers@cashflowtribe.com. Heads up though, we do ask everyone to submit a video with their application. We want to know why you want to work for CashFlow Tribe and more importantly, why we should hire you. Failure to submit a video means that your application will not be accepted.


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