What Does CashFlow Tribe Offer?

At CashFlow Tribe, we truly believe that successful real estate investing starts here. With that in mind, we recognize that everyone starts somewhere. There are people with varying degrees of real estate knowledge. We aim to help everyone, from the newbie investor to the seasoned pro. This post shares more about what CashFlow Tribe offers.

Subscriptions Are Geared To Newbies and Semi-Pros

With Premium members, you get exclusive access to a high-growth network of active Canadian real estate investors. You also get all the training, resources, and support you need to achieve your investment goals.

  • Community: Profitable and purpose-driven relationships with active investors in Canadian real estate. Connect, partner, and get deals done – together.
  • Training: On-demand access to 20+ courses, providing you with fundamental real estate investment knowledge. Plus, you also get access to live online training sessions each week.
  • Off-Market Deals: Private off-market listings for properties owned by members of the CashFlow Tribe network. New deals added every day!
  • Deal Calculators: Powerful, FREE real estate deal calculators. These help you calculate purchase/closing costs, mortgage payments, amortization, renovations, and, most importantly, the profit you’ll make.
  • Customizable Forms: Comprehensive form builders and access to our essential Real Estate Clause Library, eliminating the guesswork simplifying the process of paperwork.

REI Accelerator Program

Guided by a team of experienced and successful real estate investors, the REI Accelerator Program is a fast-track introduction to business in real estate investment with an emphasis on strategy, tools, and community as the building blocks for success.

This 6-week intensive training program provides the essential toolbox needed to move forward as a profitable real estate investor. Students are equipped with a customized roadmap, goal setting clarity, networking skills, and a group of experienced mentors and supportive peers to reinforce accountability to achieving success.

  • Group learning classes twice a week covering specific business building strategies and skills with live Q&As
  • Weekly personal development calls to support the mindset and motivation needed to confidently make moves
  • Mentorship calls to help set and keep you on track to reach your personal and business goals
  • Weekly homework to apply and perfect the skills learned
  • Daily accountability emails to help push you towards achieving success
  • Free access to the CashFlow Tribe online community with 20+ on-demand courses, off-market deals, deal calculators, customizable form library, and a network of active real estate investors completing deals
  • FREE SPOUSE BONUS: Spouses are invited free of charge so you can grow your skills and real estate investing business together.
  • 6-Weeks of Intensive Training for Explosive Growth in Real Estate Investing

The Council

The Council provides expert mentorship and business development support to Canadian investors looking to build a successful and sustainable real estate investing business. Members of this elite network of investors are focused on strategy, accountability, skill development, community, and mindset with a shared goal of achieving financial freedom by building a highly profitable real estate investment portfolio.

  • Strategy: Manage your time, your money, and your business, strategically and with intention.
  • Accountability: Be held accountable for achieving results and learn the art of self accountability and self actualization.
  • Education: Take your investing game to the next level through consistent and valuable knowledge sharing with other investors and industry stakeholders.
  • Community: Be surrounded with like-minded investors and results-driven entrepreneurs who win together.
  • Mindset: Identify and push past the barriers and limitations standing in the way of your success.
  • Freedom: Reclaim your life and be free from the hustle and the 9-5 grind.


CashFlow Tribe also offers events on a variety of topics. We cover a variety of different formats, too. Initially, the company was primarily in-person, but then COVID-19 happened, so we pivoted. Virtual events became our area of focus. Countless hours of video content spread across Mastermind Experiences, webinars, and other live events have occurred over the last couple of years. Now that the world is slowly getting back to normal, we have started doing more hybrid events (a mix of in-person and virtual). Some members of our community have also expressed interest in on-demand webinars so that they can watch them on their schedules. So we have been offering more of that, too. Events, regardless of format, are core to what we do and will continue in the future.

What’s Next For Future CashFlow Tribe Offers?

Great question … you’ll have to stay tuned and be part of CashFlow Tribe to see what’s next and coming to help our community achieve the results and impact they want.

Chris Hanna
CEO, CashFlow Tribe


The Best Investment You Can
Make Is In Yourself

The Council

Providing investors with expert mentorship from those who nderstand the journey you’re on.


6 weeks of explosive growth for a lifetime of success.


Get access to a strong community and robust course catalogue for learning fundamental skills.

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