Is CashFlow Tribe Legit?

What a strange way to title a blog post! Is CashFlow Tribe legit? Why would we ever write an article asking this question? Well, the truth is, it’s a question we sometimes hear from people looking to join our community. They are not sure if the social posts they’ve seen on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn are legit. Some people have heard stories or seen videos of successful people from the community crushing it and don’t believe what they see. Others are just not sure what CashFlow is all about. A select few also hear the terms The Council or Accelerator Program and don’t know much about them or how they are associated with CashFlow Tribe.

Yes, CashFlow Tribe is Legit

As a company, we have been operating since November 2019. We are in the business of helping to train and educate our growing community to build scalable businesses, with many escaping the clutches of a 9-5 grind. What’s been interesting, and probably what caused some to question our legitimacy here at CashFlow Tribe, is that for almost everyone, we are something different to each person.

When I first took on the CEO role, I held a series of focus groups with members, past and present. Some viewed CashFlow Tribe as primarily a community. Others saw it as a real estate education company. We are also not a cult, following anyone into the wilderness looking to escape reality either. We are a legitimately registered business providing education and a community with many resources, tools focused currently on real estate.

What Do We Do?

It’s our mission to help people escape the clutches of the 9-5 grind and gain fulfillment, flexibility, and financial freedom. For those interested in working for us, one thing is guaranteed: working with CashFlow Tribe, you will work in a unique, fast-paced culture and environment. We’re looking to produce phenomenal results for our customers, helping many of them achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. We only hire people who want to thrive and not just survive while significantly impacting our community. You need to have the right mindset to succeed.

The Company Continues to Evolve

We have learned a lot, connected with many members, and are proud of the journey thus far. Our approaches and offerings have evolved a lot during that time. Depending on when someone inquired about us or joined our community, they may have seen different things from us. Before COVID-19 hit, there were more in-person events and workshops. When the world changed, we had to pivot to do more virtually. We aimed to provide education and value between weekly training sessions associated with our Premium membership and weekend workshops. New tools, including an updated website, were launched in late 2020, around the time of our 1st anniversary. If you didn’t know, we recently went through another website update to provide a more consistent customer experience, and new tools are on the way!

When I joined CashFlow Tribe in January 2021, I had a relentless desire to pilot and try new approaches, both internally and externally. Therefore, we have tried a lot, tweaking everything we offer (memberships, Accelerator, The Council, and our events). My commitment is that we will continue to evolve and bring in more value based on feedback from our customers. As the company has evolved, some people who were here earlier in the journey have moved on, too. The reality is that’s to be expected. CashFlow Tribe and the journey we are on isn’t going to be everyone. Who we were, who we are now, and who we will be in the future will change. Depending on where someone is in their own lives, it might mean they no longer resonate the same way they once did, and that’s ok, too.

Job Searchers Wonder If CashFlow Tribe Is Legit, Too

Those looking for new roles might also ask themselves if CashFlow Tribe is legit. How do I know this? Well, I was one of those people who had this question. Those looking for a new job or career often research the company to better understand the culture and history.

We’re working on ways to help job seekers feel more comfortable with the legitimacy of CashFlow Tribe as an employer. Between better defining our LinkedIn profile, while clarifying better who we are via our website, along with other content from internal employees, we are well on our way to better sharing our message. Expect to hear more from us.

Lessons Learned

When a new company starts, there are lots of lessons learned, sometimes the hard way, too. Have we been perfect? Far from it. Early on, some people joined various programs expecting one thing and received another. That could be based on misaligned expectations or our messaging not being as tight as it should have been. The important thing is that we continue to learn from mistakes made. We use feedback to improve what we do here at CashFlow Tribe. From those earlier days, we have changed quite a bit and continue to do so. We are changing and getting better. Our goal is to help foster a community that’s incredibly collaborative and supportive of one another in helping each of us achieve our goals.

The Journey

What we want differs based on our unique circumstances and experiences. However, one thing that remains true and unified for everyone is that we all care about results and impact. These are just two of our core values that drive CashFlow Tribe. We legitimately want to help people achieve the results they want personally, professionally, and financially. Armed with the right results, you can have the impact you want in your life and community. We’re here to help you find the financial freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment you desire. Today, most of that is done via real estate education, training, resources, and the community.

CashFlow Tribe is legit, and while we aim to help everyone, in our experience, everyone needs to know that it’s one thing to give people the path; it’s another thing to execute. Action always outweighs thinking about doing something. If you are ready to take action, CashFlow Tribe may be the right place for you.

Chris Hanna
CEO, CashFlow Tribe


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