About Cashflow Tribe


A Tribe. That’s exactly what Matt Mckeever and Ben Muresan saw when they co-founded their eager idea to see other Canadians learn about Real Estate Investing. These two Southern Ontario locals developed lucrative real estate businesses in their own right – however, these entrepreneurs knew their mission needed to go beyond mere financial success. There it was, the common ground; to transform seemingly ordinary lives. Beginning in November 2019, they put their knowledge together and exceed what they could do by themselves.

Then came the big questions: How can we create meaningful partnerships for budding investors, while still pushing them to tackle their goals? No one seemed to be doing this well – in Canada at least. 

This shaped the way Matt and Ben created Cashflow Tribe, which defined the four simple pillars we stand on today. Develop a thriving, interconnected community, create lasting impact, push for ‘beyond ordinary’ results, while still encouraging moments of transparency to share triumphs and trials. They wanted a Tribe. A unique set of people who grow, learn and win together. 

Quickly, this became a national movement of over 1300+ active Investors, with thousands of deals done in 2020 alone. What began as a few courses and teaching opportunities, evolved into a library with hundreds of videos, exclusive investing tools and a lively hub with some of the best Off-Market deals in Canada. 

Banding together, Cashflow Tribe focuses on Real Estate Investing all across Canada with quality content, tools and resources that actually get deals. Seize this unique opportunity. Start your journey. Become a part of the tribe, today.