A Tribe. That’s exactly what Matt McKeever and Ben Muresan envisioned when they joined forces and co-founded the fastest growing real estate investment community in Canada. With their own lucrative real estate businesses as the foundation, the vision for CashFlow Tribe was to evolve from the old models of investing and help investors open the doors to their own success. Moving past the barriers of investor scarcity and limiting mindsets, CashFlow Tribe provides an abundance-centered community environment for investors to grow, learn, and win together. What began as a few courses and teaching opportunities, evolved into a robust library with hundreds of videos, exclusive investing tools, and a lively online hub of active investors with some of the best off-market deals in Canada. 

Since its inception in 2019, CashFlow Tribe has provided thousands of new and experienced investors with the support they need to level-up and achieve tangible personal and financial results.

Our Mission

To support the growth and success of real estate investors through community, education, and empowerment.

Our Vision

A nation of real estate investors, united as a vibrant community of financially independent professionals, focused on a shared mindset of productivity and abundance.

What We Value

CashFlow Tribe believes you need more than just information or education to succeed in real estate investing. This belief drives us and defines the four pillars we stand on:

Community: Allies always win together.
Results: The proof is in consistent profit.
Impact: Push yourself, and then push the world around you.
Transparency: Open dialogue is the path of least resistance.

Matt McKeever

Matt McKeever is a CPA, real estate investor, YouTuber & serial entrepreneur. Matt began investing in real estate in 2010, quit his day job in 2016 and by 2020 has built a portfolio of over 150 units in Canada. Matt is Canada’s leading real estate investor on YouTube, sought after for his straight approach to getting deals done. Matt has a passion for creating communities from his YouTube channel, LDNonFIRE, OREC series of events and most recently with CashFlow Tribe.

Ben “Humble” Muresan

An immigrant from Romania, Ben escaped communism and became Southwestern Ontario’s largest single-family real estate investor. He’s done almost 300 deals in Canada with a combination of flipping, wholesaling, mortgage lending, and renting strategies. He has a passion for helping people and believes that anything can be accomplished, with enough faith, positive thinking and massive action.

Looking to Level Up?

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