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CashFlow Tribe believes you need more than just information or education to succeed at real estate investing. This is why we live by four core values.

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Without a COMMUNITY to support and push you forward, you’ll always struggle to put in the work.

RESULTS matter, period.

Real estate is about more than just money, it’s about the IMPACT on your life, family & future.

You need TRANSPARENCY from your mentors, learn from real life investors.

CashFlow Tribe is more than just an education company





Matt McKeever

Matt McKeever is a CPA, real estate investor, Youtuber & serial entrepreneur. Matt began investing in real estate in 2010, quit his day job in 2016 and by 2020 has built a portfolio of over 150 units in Canada. Matt is Canada’s leading real estate investor on YouTube. Matt has a passion for creating communities from his Youtube channel, LDNonFIRE, OREC series of events and most recently with CashFlow Tribe.

Ben Humble

An immigrant from Romania, he escaped communism and became Southwestern Ontario’s largest single-family investor. He's done almost 300 deals in Canada with a combination of flipping, wholesaling, mortgage lending, renting strategies. He has a passion for helping people and as a Christian believes that anything can be accomplished, with enough faith, positive thinking and massive action.


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